About the 2024 Hank Steinbrecher Cup

Our National Champion will be eligible to compete in the Hank Steinbrecher Cup.  The Hank Steinbrecher Cup is a national competition between the champions of the most competitive US Soccer Affiliates such as USSSA, USASA, UPSL, and USL2.

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For the 2024 Hank Steinecker Cup, US Soccer has decided to let the affiliates take over funding of the cup. The tournament may be reorganized or renamed.  There may be additional funds available but those decisions will not be made until closer to the cup date. Each affiliate (USSSA, USL2, USASA, etc.) will be responsible to get their team to the tournament. USSSA will give our Champion $5000 in travel reimbursement to attend the hank Steinberger Cup. Due to the complications, they have not set a date or city.

Post US Soccer AGM update.  Tournament has tentatively been scheduled for June 7-9.  Location will be determined by the proximity of the teams in order to manage travel expenses.